After a year of group training my border collie Meg was taking part in a somewhat laid back and lackadaisical fashion, doing pretty much what she wanted, when she wanted! To change this we have taken 1-2-1 lessons with Mel. The change in her attitude was amazing. Meg is now very focussed, extremely eager to please and loves every minute.  She recently started to blank the weaves after formerly having no problems there. Mel with great patience and encouragement changed this so that after 10 minutes we couldn't stop her going through the weaves! Mel's training is very detailed and she is excellent at diagnosing any problems with either dog, or more often, with the handler! The most pleasing aspect for me is to see how much enjoyment  Meg is getting from agility. Many many thanks.


Annie Burdett 29.3.2016

Since having individual lessons with Melanie, Kizzie (my Cavapoo) has improved beyond all recognition. Although Kizzie had been training for some time, she is strong-willed, more than a little naughty and often thought it quite acceptable to "do her own thing" whether at training or in the few competitions we had entered. Melanie has been so patient with her, giving me tips on how to keep her attention and focus while making the sessions fun and positive. Not only has Kizzie benefited but I feel Melanie's individual training has helped me enormously as well. So much so we achieved our first clear round at the January Agility Ability Show. We absolutely love our sessions with Mel and can't recommend her highly enough as a friendly, helpful and positive trainer.

Sue Plaw 8.2.2016

“Last summer my wife and I spent a three-month holiday in East Anglia with our two Border Collies. Agility Ability was a fifteen-minute drive from our rental cottage, and my 4-year-old dog and I attended weekly classes with Melanie. In the sessions I attended, she set course scenarios ranging from intermediate to advanced difficulty and which offered opportunities to learn a wide variety of handling techniques. Melanie is a friendly, engaging, positive instructor and a top notch handler who taught me a great deal about international moves to which we in the States are not always exposed. She also organizes a half-dozen independent trials, a few of which we entered and which were great fun.

>Phil Cooper and Rebus, Ashland, Oregon, US 25/02/2015

I love the agility ability shows, great atmosphere, great location and nice food. Mel is a great trainer she helped me and my dog a lot in just one very short hour.

Hayley Wilson and Kyle.13/02/2015

Agility Ability shows will always be a bit special to me as Erik competed at his first ever show at Easton and we got a 1st place in Agility. They are always very well organised and enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere.

Pauline homer and Erik 11/02/2015

We started having private lessons with Mel relatively recently after hearing about Agility Ability through a friend. Our dog Dex, has endless amounts of energy and can sometimes lack focus in life. Agility has been brilliant for him, Mel's ability to judge the dogs attitude and learning needs, combined with her calm approach results in great lessons. When we get there its a race to see how quickly he can get into the barn and each lesson is full of challenging but achievable exercises for him. He actually goes home tired! The sealing deal for us was the secure environment Mel has got set up - its great for an easily distracted, enthusiastic dogs like ours! I would definitely recommend Mel, regardless of whether you are wanting to do agility as a bit of fun to keep your dog busy or for serious competition.

Lyndsey Whitfield, Monty and Dex. 10/02/2015

It’s about five years since I first came along to a training session with Agility Ability and was given a very friendly welcome.  I loved it and just carried on from there.   The training Mel gives is excellent and the group are very friendly.  I often mention them to other dog owners I meet as it is something that lots of dog owners could enjoy with their dog – whatever breed or size.  I am one of the older members but that doesn’t seem to matter.  I have just had a second hip replacement.  I managed to get back to competition after the first, two years ago and am now hoping to do it again.  My dog – Tessa – is a Cavalier King Charles, so not as fast as some, but that’s probably good.  Makes it easier for me to keep up with her!   I always say I’m not really competitive, but it does get a hold and can be quite compulsive!!  All in good fun, though, and it’s great to see the dogs, always obviously enjoying it.  If anyone out there is wondering or doubtful I’d say – give it a go....Thanks, Mel.

Liz Tosh & Tessa 27/03/2014

>Mister and I started doing agility with Agility Ability about one year ago after being recommended the club by a friend. We had tried agility a few times and were really keen to learn more and perhaps even enter some shows.

We received a very warm welcome at Agility Ability and were put into a group with similar ability and ambitions. The groups are small and friendly and Mel does a brilliant job giving each handler and dog feedback tailored to their needs. The training is focused and effective and always puts the wellbeing of the dogs first.

We would highly recommend Agility Ability to beginners as well as more advanced handlers and dogs.

Linn Gustavsson and Mister, 20/03/2014

A BIG thank you to Melanie & her Agility Ability team for another very enjoyable winter series. You seem to have the perfect formula for providing a competition agility environment in a friendly atmosphere. A good variety of judges, challenging courses and fun courses. Looking forward to next years series. Thank you 🙂

Sue Batley, 09/03/2014