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G7 congratulations!

Huge well done to Janice and Diesel and Allison and Zak who won out into G7 at Norfolk Easter and Dog Vegas shows in March.

Crufts 2018

Huge well done to Demi for her achievements at Crufts.  Demi and Pip got 2nd place in the semi-finals of Agility Dog of the Year and won the Under 18s Jumping Dog of the
Year (for the second year running!).  In addition, Demi ran Pip in the ABC finals, gaining a clear round, and also ran GT in the same competition.  Massive well done to Demi and her dogs!  

AA KC show, Easton college: 18 February 2018

Congratulations to all those AA members who achieved the following wins and places
Mel and Jazz - 1st in C6-7 Agility and 1st in C4-7 Jumping
Su and Herbie - 4th in G6-7 Jumping and 9th in G4-7 Jumping
Justyna and Benji - 1st in C1-3 Jumping and 3rd in C1-3 Agility 
Annie and Kip - 1st in C4-5 Jumping and 5th in C4-7 Jumping
Janice and Diesel - 2nd in C6-7 Agility
Mel and Beat - 1st in C4-5 Jumping
Su and Tom - 4th in G1-3 Jumping
Peter and Bess - 1st in C4-7 Jumping

DBDT KC show: 11 February 2018

Congratulations to Debbie and Pippi who got their first G5 (Jumping) win at this show and Sarah and Molly who got a 1st and a 2nd in G3 Jumping and a 3rd in the Helter Skelter - well done ladies!

Agility Ability Independent Show, Easton and Otley College - 28 January 2018

Justyna and Benji - Agility (2nd) and Tunnel Mayhem (1st)
Annette and Dillon - Jumping (2nd)
Janice and Solo - Agility (1st)
Gavin and Hollie - Jumping (1st)
Peter and Bess - Agility (1st), Jump and Touch (2nd) and Tunnel Mayhem (2nd)
Mel and Beat - Jumping (1st)
Allison and Zak - Tunnel Mayhem (1st)
Janice and Lulu - Jump and Touch (3rd)
Mel and Jazz - Jumping (1st) and Jump and touch (1st)
Colleen and Whiz - Agility (1st), Jump and Touch (1st) and Tunnel Mayhem (1st)
Demi and Pip - Agility (1st), Jumping (1st) and Tunnel Mayhem (1st)

AA Independent show, Easton and Otley College: 11 November 2017

Well done to the following AA members who won their classes or were placed.  Special congratulations to Deborah and Penny on their first win together.
Annette and Dillon - Agility (1st), Agility 2 (1st) and Jumping (2nd)
Linn and Mister - Jumping (1st) and Steeplechase (1st)
Linn and Kit - Agility 2 (1st)
Gavin and Hollie - Agility (1st) and Jumping (2nd)
Allison and Zak - Agility (1st) and Agility 2 (1st)
Janice and Lulu - Steeplechase (1st)
Mel and Rhythm - Agility (3rd)
Anne and Mutley - Steeplechase (2nd)
Keith and Keira - Jumping (3rd)
Anne and Bailey - Agility (1st), jumping (1st) and Steeplechase (1st)
Demi and GT - Jumping (1st)
Deborah and Penny - Agility (1st)
Ellie and Lola - Agility 2 (1st)

AA KC Show, Easton and Otley College: 12 November 2017

Huge congratulations to the three AA members who won out at the latest AA KC show!
Peter and Bess are now G6
Sarah and Molly are now G5
Linn and Mister are now G3

T&A KC show, Snetterton: 22 October 2017

Huge congratulations to Debbie and Pippi whose G4 agility win took them into G5! Well done!


Agility Ability Independent show, Easton: 8 October 2017

Well done to AA members who achieved the following wins and places at our last show.
Advanced - Demi and Pip, 1st in AAA
Veteran - Anne and Bailey, 1st in Agility, AAA and Helter-Skelter; Alison and (Debbie’s) Jack, 1st in Jumping
Junior - Demi and Pip, 1st in Agility, Jumping and AAA; Demi and GT, 1st in Helter-Skelter
Anysize - Mel and Jazz, 1st in Agility, AAA and Helter-Skelter; Colleen and Whizz, 1st in Jumping
Elementary - Justyna and Benji, 1st in Jumping; Annette and Dillon, 2nd in Jumping; Deborah and Daisy, 3rd in AAA
Starters - Demi and GT, 2nd in Agility; Peter and Bess, 1st in Jumping; Justyna and Benji, 1st in AAA
Novice - Mel and Rhythm, 1st in Agility, AAA and Helter-skelter; Janice and Lulu, 3rd in Agility; Anne and Kobi, 3rd in Jumping; Janice and Solo, 2nd in AAA; Alison and Zak 2nd in Helter-Skelter

Dog Vegas, Ramsey: 6-8 October 2017

Well done Ellie and Mack who won their G1-4 Agility class in their 25 day ‘winning-out’ waiting period.


Norfolk Autumn Show, WHW Snetterton - 30 Sept-1 Oct

More celebratory cake will be provided at Monday evening training by Justyna who won out into G3 with Benji at this show with two wins: well done!
Mel and Rhythm are still on a roll and qualified for the Olympia Novice Stakes (G3-5) and also won C4-5 Jumping.  
Ali and Zak won their C4-5 Jumping class (repeating their success at Five Rivers when they won this class) and also got a 6th in G5-7 Agility.  
Debbie had success with both Jack and Pippi, getting a 2nd in C3-4 Agility with Pippi and a 3rd in Anysize Agility with Jack.
Sarah and Mollie won their G3 Jumping class and also got a 3rd in G3 Agility.
Ellie and Mack came 2nd in their C3-4 Jumping class.

Dog Vegas, Southwell - 23-24 September 2017

Well done Janice and Colleen who each had fantastic success at DV last weekend winning out of their current grades. 
Janice and Solo won their G1-3 Jumping class and their C1-3 Agility class.  Little Lulu won her G5-7 Jumping class and clever Diesel won two of his Agility classes and a Jumping class.  Well done Janice!
Colleen and Winnie got three first places (two Jumping classes and an Agility class) and Wizz achieved a 1st and a 2nd place in the Allsorts class.  Well done Colleen!

Team Lown also had success with Dillon achieving a 1st in Jumping and a 4th in Agility while Keira brought home a 2nd and a 4th, both in agility.  Milly had her last KC run at this show and, having just had her 12th birthday, is going to enjoy her retirement.


Three Counties Show, Monmouth: 24 September 2017

Huge congratulations to Mel and Rhythm for qualifying for the Royal Canin Finals held at the Monmouth Show.  Fifty competitors, who competed in 10 heats held up and down the county, took part.  Although no trophies were brought back to Norfolk (this time), Rhythm did Mel proud with some great work.


T&A KC Show, Snetterton - 17 September 2017

Four AA members won out at the T&A show on Sunday: well done everyone!

  • Ali and Zak went to G6 with an agility win
  • Ellie and Mack went to G5 with an agility win and a jumping win
  • Connie and Pippi went to G4 with an agility win and a jumping win (and also got a 4th place)
  • Deborah and Daisy went to G4 with a jumping win

Demi and GT got their first win towards grade 6 by winning the C4-5 agility.

Debbie and Jack won their Anysize Jumping class (again!). 

Mel and Rhythm won another class while in their 25 day waiting period between G4 and G5, taking their total number of wins in G4 to eight! 

Colleen and Winnie were just pipped to the post gaining two 2nd places in agility and jumping.


Letchworth DTC KC Premier Show, Huntingdon: 1-3 September 2017

Huge congratulations to Mel and Rhythm who won out into G5 at Letchworth in style.  The pair won seven of their ten classes and of these, four were C4-5 classes.  Four wins were in Agility classes and three were in Jumping.  Mel and Beat also won their G3 Jumping class.  












AA Finals: 28 August 2017

Well done to everyone who made the AA Finals.   The results were: 

Club League – Agility Ability!

Highest Achieving Member – Mel and Jho (155); Colleen and Whizz (150); Keith and Kiera (145)

Rescue League – Demi and Pip

Senior League – Janice and Diesel

Junior League – Demi and Pip


Juniors – Demi and Jho

Elementary – Mel and GT

Starters – Peter and Bess

Novice – Janice and Diesel

Advanced – Mel and Jho

Veteran – Janice and Badger

Anysize – Ali and Becky


The Finals also marked the retirement of Janice’s Badger and Kestrel: enjoy a well-earned rest boys!


AA Independent show: 26-27 August 2017

 Well done to all the AA members who had wins over the two day show!  

Elementary - Allison and Zack (Agility, Jumping and HS); Mel and GT (Agility 2, Jumping); Annette and Dillon (Agility); Mel and Rhythm (Steeplechase); Mel and Beat (Clockwork Tunnels) 

Starters – Gavin and Hollie (Agility); Janice and Lulu (Agility 2); Peter and Bess (HS, Agility and Steeplechase) 

Novice – Janice and Diesel (Agility 2, Jumping x 2 and HS); Keith and Kiera (Agility and Clockwork Tunnels); Demi and Pip (Agility 2 and Steeplechase) 

Advanced – Mel and JhoJho (Jumping x 2, Agility and Clockwork Tunnels) 

Veteran – Janice and Badger (Jumping); Connie and Jack (HS); Anne and Bailey (Steeplechase and Clockwork Tunnels) 

Juniors – Demi and Pip (Agility x 2, Agility 2 and Steeplechase); Demi and JhoJho (Jumping x 2 and HS); Demi and GT (Clockwork Tunnels) 

Anysize – Colleen and Whizz (Jumping x 2, Agility 2, HS and Steeplechase)


KCI Rockingham Castle: 10-13 August

Great results for Demi and Pip and GT at the KCI festival.  Pip and Demi achieved a 1st in Jumping and 3rd in Agility in the International Under 12s (small) Qualifier.  In the Finals, in which all heights were amalgamated, the pair came 5th overall.  They also came 2nd in the YKC Under 12 Qualifier but had already qualified for Crufts in 2018.  Demi also had fantastic success with GT, winning the Under 12 Medium YKC Jumping Qualifier taking them to Crufts next year too.  Well done Demi!  Mel and Rhythm came 6th (out of 189 dogs) in G4 jumping - no mean feat in their first competition season.  Janice and Lulu achieved a 2nd place in Jumping.


DINAS: 14-20 August

Mel and Beat won their G3 jumping class and Rhythm came 6th in G4 agility: Beat also made it into the DINAS Finals on Sunday: well done pups!  Janice and Lulu achieved two 2nd places in Jumping and Agility (beaten by the slimmest of margins), and also a 3rd in Jumping: Diesel came 8th in his Agility class.  Ali and Zack got a 3rd and a 6th in G5 Agility.  Ellie and Mack got a 3rd in their G4 Agility class.  Keith and Keira and Gavin and William ran their first Championship courses.


Welsh KC and Championship Show: 19-20 August

Jazz’s pups were out in force again at the Welsh KC show: Mel and Beat won their G3-4 Agility class and got 2nd in their G3-4 Jumping, and Mel and Rhythm won their G3-4 Jumping class

Dog Vegas, Matlock - 21-25 July 2017

Well done Colleen and Winnie for winning into G4 with a 1st in your G1-4 Agility class - the only G3 clear round!
Well done too, to Janice and Lulu who won into G5 with four 1st places and two clear rounds.  Diesel achieved a 4th place and four clear rounds (just out of placings) and Solo had his first clear round. 

Holkham County Fair - 22-23 July 2017

Team Lown were successful at the KC show held during Holkham Country Fair.  In their jumping classes, Keith and Kiera got a 1st and 2nd place.  Annette and Dillon got a 1st and a 2nd place in their agility classes and also achieved a 6th place in the Steeplechase which was open to all grades and sizes.  in addition to their win and places, the pair also got three clear rounds between them.  Well done!  

Just Dogs Live - 7-9 July 2017

Janice and Diesel continued their winning streak from Dog Vegas by winning the G4-5 Agility and also getting a 2nd in G4-5 Jumping and a 3rd in G4-5 Agility.  
Demi and GT won both medium junior classes on Sunday (Agility and Jumping): it was the first time they achieved a place working together.  Demi and Pip won the small junior Agility on the Sunday.  Well done Demi!

Mel and Rhythm won the Royal Canin Qualifier (five seconds ahead of the second placed dog) which takes her to the Finals held in September, and Mel and Jazz won all of their classes!

Dog Vegas KC Show, Thetford: 23 June - 2 July

Well done to all AA members who got wins, places, and clear rounds at Dog Vegas - there are far too many to list!  Special mention must go to Peter and Bess, who needed one more win to go into G5, they got that win but then went on to get eight more first places!  Five AA members won out at this show:

Janice and Diesel into G6
Alison and Zak into G5
Peter and Bess into G5
Janice and Lulu into G4
Mel and Rhythm into G4

Thames DTC Championship Show:  10-11 June 2017

Well done to Mel and Beat who gained a 5th place (out of 185 dogs) on their third show together. 

At the same show, Demi and Pip competed in their first Championship finals: well done!



Nottingham Championship Show: 27-28 May 2017

Congratulations to Mel and Rhythm who gained a 1st (C1-3 Jumping) and a 2nd (G1-4 Agility) in their second show!  A great start to their competing career!

Janice and Diesel gained a 12th and 13th place in C3-5 Agility classes.

Well done too, to Demi and Pip, who got a clear round in their Agility and Jumping rounds of their first ever Championship show.

 T&A KC Show, Snetterton: 13-14 May 2017

Congratulations to the following AA members who achieved places over the weekend.  Special ‘well done’ to Deborah and Daisy who won out into G3.

Janice and Diesel - 1st in G5-7 Jumping, 1st in C4-5 Agility, 2nd in G5-7 Agility and 2nd in G5-7 Jumping (only one more win needed for G6!)

Deborah and Daisy - 1st in C1-2 Agility and C1-3 Agility, 2nd in C1-3 Steeplechase

Mel and Jazz - two wins!

Janice and LuLu - 1st in C3-4 Jumping

William and Gavin - 3rd in C5-7 Jumping

Pauline and Ben - 1st in C1-3 Helter Skelter

Demi and Pip - 2nd in Agility

AA May Bank Holiday KC Show: Euston Hall Park, Thetford

Well done to Demi and Pip for winning out into G7.

Well done too, to Members who achieved clear rounds and places as follows:


 Colleen and Winnie - G3 jumping (3rd, 5th and 8th), G3 agility (4th)

 Debbie and Pippi - G3 jumping (3rd and 4th)

 Janice and Diesel - G4-5 jumping (2nd and 2 x 3rd)

 Mel and JhoJho - G4-7 jumping (1st and 3 x 2nd)

 Allison and Zak - G4-5 agility (6th and 8th), G4-5 jumping (2nd and 5th)

 Justyna and Benny - G1-3 jumping (1st), G1-2 jumping (1st and 3rd)

 Ellie and Mack - G4-7 jumping (3rd)



 Sarah and Molly - G1-3 agility (1st and 2 x 2nd), G1-3 jumping (2 x 1st)

 Keith and Kiera - G4-7 agility (2nd and 3rd), G4-7 jumping (2nd and 2 x 3rd)

 Mel and Jazz - G4-7 jumping (2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd), G4-7 agility (1st)

 Mel and GT - G4-7 jumping (1st and 2nd )

 Annette and Dillon - G4-7 jumping (2 x 1st)

 Gavin and William - G4-7 jumping (2 x 4th)



 Demi and Pip - G4-7 jumping (1st and 3 x 2nd), G4-7 agility (1st and 2nd)

 Anne and Kobi - G4-7 jumping (3rd)


Veteran and Anysize

 Debbie and Jack (V) - C1-7 jumping (3rd)

 Anne and Bailey (V) - C1-7 jumping (3rd)

 Allison and Becky (A) - C1-7 jumping (2nd and 3rd)


Junior U12

 Demi and Pip - agility (2 x 1st and 2nd)


KC Championship Beacon Show: 6 May 2017

Well done to Mel and Jazz who won both qualifying Championship rounds: the agility in 38.067 (almost three seconds ahead of the next placed competitor) and the jumping in 29.040 - brilliant work!

Championship success and Crufts qualifying

Congratulations to Mel and Jazz who had Championship success gaining a First and a Second place in jumping classes at Wyre and Wye Valley Championship shows in super-fast times: well done!  

Well done too, to Demi and Pip who qualified for Crufts (again!) at Wyre show at the first qualifying class since Crufts.



Great success for AA members

Since we’ve been offline AA members have had some huge successes.  At Crufts, Demi qualified 3rd in the semi finals of ‘Agility Dog of the Year' which took her into the main ring for the Finals where dogs of all sizes and all the under 18 handlers competed head to head for ‘Agility Dog of the Year’. Demi got a clear in the Finals and placed 4th and went on to win the ‘Jumping Dog of the Year’ - well done Demi and Pip!

AA Members have been busy winning out! Congratulations to:

  • Keith and Kiera - G7
  • Sonia and Hollie - G6
  • Mel and GT - G5
  • Alison and Zak - G4
  • Sarah and Mollie - G3
  • Sue and Kizzy - G2



DBDT KC Show, Larling: 25 February 2017

Huge congratulations to Janice and Diesel and Gavin and William who both won out
today: Diesel into G5 with a C4-5 Jumping win and William into G7 with a G6-7
Agility win.

Success was also had by Mel and GT (a win in C4-5 Jumping), by Alison and Zak (a
Jumping win), by Sonia and Holly (3rd in C4-5 Jumping), and by Debbie and Jack
(winners of the Anysize C1-7 Jumping).

Well done everyone!

AA KC Show, Easton and Otley College: 12 February 2017

Congratulations to Demi, Mel and Janice who were placed at the AA KC show.

Demi and Pip won the Under 12s.

Mel and Jazz won the C6-7 Agility and the C6-7 Jumping; Mel and JhoJho won the C6-7
Agility; Mel and GT won the C4-7 Jumping and came 3rd in C4-5 Agility.

Janice and Diesel came 2nd in C4-5 Agility: Janice and Kestrel came 2nd in Veterans
C1-7 Jumping.

Well done everyone!

AA Independent show, Easton and Otley College: 11 February 2017

Well done to all the AA members who were placed or went clear at the February show.

Elementary - Alison and Zak, 1st in Agility and 1st in Jumping; Annette and Dillon,
1st in Steeplechase and 3rd in Jumping; Deborah and Daisy, 1st in Agility; Mel and
GT, 1st in Jumping; Sarah and Mollie, 2nd in Jumping; Mel and Georgie, 2nd in Tunnel
Starters - Sonia and Holly, 2nd in Agility; Keith and Kiera, 1st in Jumping
Advanced - Mel and Jazz, 1st in Jumping, 1st in Steeplechase, 1st in Tunnel Vision
and 2nd in Agility
Open Junior - Demi and JhoJho. 1st in Agility and 1st in Steeplechase; Demi and Pip,
1st in Tunnel Vision
Anysize - Ellie and Lola, 1st in Jumping, 1st in Steeplechase and 1st in Tunnel
Vision; Addie and Cooper, 1st in Agility; Yasmin and Lacey, 2nd in Tunnel Vision

AA Independent Show, Easton and Otley College: 8 January 2017
Results for the first AA show of the year - well done all AA members who were placed and gained points towards the summer Finals weekend.
Elementary - Alison and Zack 1st in Agility; Sarah and Molly 1st in Agility; Vicky and (Pauline’s) Ben 2nd in Jumping; Annette and Dillon 2nd in Jumping; Annie and Meg 2nd in AAA; Mel and GT 2nd in AAA
Starters - Peter and Bess 2nd in Helter-Skelter
Novice - Ellie and Mack 1st in AAA, 2nd in Jumping; Anne and Mutley 3rd in Jumping; Keith and Kiera 2nd in Jumping; Janice and Diesel 2nd in Helter-Skelter
Advanced - Mel and Jazz 1st in Agility and Helter-Skelter; Gavin and William 2nd in AAA
Veteran - Annette and Milly 1st in Agility; Janice and Badger 2nd in Agility
Juniors - Demi and Pip 1st in AAA; Demi and JhoJho 1st in Helter-Skelter
Anysize - Justyna and Benji, 1st in Agility, AAA and Jumping; Alison and Becky 1st in Helter-Skelter and 2nd in Jumping; Alex and Izzy 2nd in Helter-Skelter and 3rd in Jumping; Anne and Bailey 2nd in Agility

T&A KC Show, WHW Snetterton: 17 & 18 December
AA members had some good results in the last KC show of the year: well done everyone and especially to Mel and GT who won out into G4.
Mel and Jazz - 1st in Agility (G7) and also 1st in Agility C6-7, 2nd in Helter-Skelter  
Mel and GT - 1st in G3-4 Jumping (G3) (by 5 seconds!)
Janice and Diesel - 1st in G3-4 Jumping (G4)
Debbie and Pippi - 2nd in G3-4 Jumping (G3) and 2nd in C1-3 Agility
Alison and Zak - 1st in Helter-Skelter C1-3
Peter and Bess - 1st in G3-4 Jumping (G4)

AA Independent show, Easton College: 11 December 2016
Well done to the following AA members who were placed at the December show, and especially to Annie and Meg for their first ever place!
Elementary - Mel and GT, 2nd in Agility 2 and 1st in Helter-Skelter; Alison and Zak, 2nd in Agility; Deborah and Daisy, 2nd in Jumping; Pauline and Ben, 2nd in Agility 2; Annie and Meg, 2nd in Helter-Skelter; Annette and Dillon 2nd in Helter-Skelter
Starters - Peter and Bess, 1st in Agility, Agility 2 and Helter-Skelter
Novice - Ellie and Mack, 2nd in Helter-Skelter and 3rd in Agility; Annie and Kipling, 2nd in Agility 2 and 1st in Helter-Skelter
Advanced - Mel and Jazz, 1st in Agility and 2nd in Helter-Skelter; Gavin and William, 3rd in Agility 2 and 4th in Jumping
Veteran - Janice and Badger, 1st in Jumping and 2nd in Helter-Skelter; Janice and Kestrel, 2nd in Jumping
Open Junior - Demi and Pip, 1st in Agility, Agility 2, Jumping and Helter-Skelter
Anysize - Alison and Becky, 1st in Agility and Helter-Skelter

Agility Ability KC show, Easton: 13 November 2016
Well done to the following AA members, especially to Linn and Mister who had a fabulous day and won out of G1.
Linn and Mister - 1st in Agility, 1st in C1-2 Jumping, 2nd in C1-3 Jumping
Mel and GT - 2 x 1st in Jumping C1-3
Peter and Bess - 1st in Jumping C4-7
Connie and Ice - 3rd in G3 Agility
Demi and Pip - 1st in Under 12s Junior class

Connie and Ice - 1st in Over 12s Junior class

Agility Ability Independent Show, Easton college: 12 November 2016
AA members achieved the following places at the last independent show:
Elementary - Sarah and Mollie, 1st in Agility and 3rd in Jumping; Mel and GT, 1st in Tunnel Vision and 2nd in Steeple Chase; Deborah and Daisy, 2nd in Agility
Starters - Peter and Bess, 1st in Steeple Chase and 1st in Tunnel Vision
Novice - Janice and Diesel, 2nd in Jumping and 2nd in Steeple Chase; Ellie and Mack 1st in Tunnel Vision; Keith and Kiera, 2nd in Tunnel Vision
Advanced - Mel and Jazz, 1st in Jumping, 1st in Steeple Chase and 2nd in Agility; Mel and JhoJho, 1st in Agility
Veterans - Annette and Milly, 1st in Agility and 1st in Tunnel Vision
Junior - Demi and JhoJho, 1st in Agility, 1st in Jumping and 1st in Steeple Chase; Demi and Pip, 1st in Tunnel Vision
Anysize - Colleen and Whizz, 1st in Jumping, 1st in Agility and 1st in Tunnel Vision; Alison Wright and Becky, 1st in Steeple Chase
There were many, many clear rounds too, so well done everyone!

DBDT KC show, Larling: 29 October 2016
Janice and Diesel won their jumping class (G4) - well done!  
Keith and Kiera won their Agility class and got an additional clear round.  Annette and Dillon came second in their jumping class - well done both of you!

T&A KC, Snetterton: 23 October 2016
Annette and Dillon's Agility win (G5-7) took them into G6 and they also achieved a 2nd in the C4-5 Agility class.  Keith and Kiera got a 2nd place in G6-7 Agility.  Well done again Team Lown!
Clear rounds were achieved by Janice and Diesel, Debbie and Ice and Debbie and Jack.

AA Independent show, Easton College: 16 October 2016
AA Members achieved the following results at the first show of the Winter season in each of the following classes (no AA members places in Starters or Advanced classes):
Deborah and Daisy: 1st in Agility
Pauline and Ben: 4th in Jumping
Mel and GT: 5th in Jumping
Keith and Kiera: 1st in AAA, 3rd in Agility
Janice and Diesel: 2nd in AAA
Ellie and Mack: 2nd in Helter Skelter
Connie and Jack: 1st in Agility
Janice and Badger: 1st in AAA
Demi and Pip: 1st in AAA
Demi and JhoJho: 1st in Helter Skelter
Colleen and Whizz: 1st in Jumping, 1st in AAA, 1st in Helter Skelter
Clear rounds were achieved by: Anne and Meg, Anne and Bailey, Anne and Kobi, Anne and Mutley,  Annette and Dillion, Annette and Milly, Connie and Jack, Demi and JhoJho, Demi and Pip, Ellie and Lola, Ellie and Mack, Gavin and William, Janice and Badger, Janice and Diesel, Janice and Kestrel, Karen and Rosie, Keith and Keira, Mel and GT, Mel and Jazz, Pauline and Ben, Peter and Bess, Sarah and Molly, Sonia and Hollie,
Well done to everyone and in particular to Whizz who has returned to agility after surgery, and to Daisy who got her first AA win!

Dog Vegas, Ramsey: 9 October 2016

Well done Lynne and Tahoe on your two second places at G4: one in G3-5 Jumping and other other in G1-4 Jumping and both just a whisker behind the winner.

pippi renosfirst

Norfolk DTS Autumn KC Show: 1-2 October 2016

AA members achieved a 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Norfolk Autumn show.  Well done to:

Ben and Reno who won their G1-3 Agility class.

Connie and Pippi who achieved 2nd place in their G3 Agility class.

Peter and Bess who came 3rd in their G3-4 Agility class.


Five Rivers, Trinity Park, Ipswich: 24-25 September 2016

After the previous weekend's success at T&A (2nd place in C1-3 Agility), Debbie and Ice continued their pace by achieving 4th place in the C1-3 Helter Skelter out of a class of 180 dogs.  It's great to see Ice back on form - well done Debbie and Ice!

Ellie and Lola managed a clear round in the C1-3 Anysize Agility.



Dog Vegas, Southwell Racecourse: 23-26 September 2016

Well done Annette and Keith on your excellent results at Dog Vegas.

Keith and Kiera had their running legs on and won two Agility classes (taking them halfway to G7) and got a further four clear rounds (two in Agility and two in Jumping classes).

Annette and Dillon won their Jumping class and achieved additional clear rounds on their Jumping and Agility courses in some challenging - and large - classes.

Brilliant work, Team Lown!

T&A KC SHOW, Snetterton: 18 September 2016

AA members were out and about at the T&A KC show on Sunday, winning
classes, getting places, and going clear.   Mel and Jazz won two
classes: Medium G7 Jumping in 24.026 and Medium C4-7 Helter
Skelter in 20.568.  Mel had another win, this time with GT who won the
the Medium C1-3 Helter Skelter class in a time of  23.121 - a
massive 3 seconds ahead of second place!

The Large G7 Jumping class was won by Demi and Jho Jho in 27.182
seconds. Demi and Pip achieved 2 clear rounds, one in G6 Jumping
(just out of the places) and the other C4-7 Helter Skelter.
Lynne and Tahoe won the Large C4-7 Helter Skelter class and
achieved a 2nd in Agility.

Janice and Diesel achieved two clears: one in the G3-4 jumping (in
28.182) and the other in the C4-5 Agility.
Well done everyone!

jumping champs

North Derbyshire Premier and Championship Show, Rolleston: 10-11 September 2016

Very well done to Mel and Jazz who came 4th in a time of 43.374 with 5f in the Championship Finals at the North Derbyshire Show.  Jazz was the second fastest dog but dropped a bar on the long jump which unfortunately kept them off the reserve ticket.  Mel and Jazz won the Champ Jumping qualifier in a clear round of 33.566 (against a course time of 35 seconds!) and wasn’t eliminated in the Agility qualifier which got the pair through to the Finals.   The competition at Champ level is incredibly stiff, so to get through to the Finals and then get close to the placings is an amazing achievement.   

Demi and Pip also competed at this show and achieved two clear rounds: one in the G4-5 Agility (unplaced 4th) and one in the C5-7 Jumping - well done to you both.

AA Independent Show, Larling: 27-28 August 2016

AA Members swept the board at the last show of the summer season winning numerous classes and gaining points which contribute to next year’s league.  Members achieved the following in each group:

Mel and GT: 1st in Jumping and Steeplechase, 2nd in Clockwork Tunnels, 3rd in Triple A and Helter Skelter
Sarah and Molly: 1st and 3rd in Agility
Annette and Dillon: 1st in Triple A, 2nd in Agility
Linn and Mister: 2nd in Jumping
Peter and Bess: 2nd in Agility

Janice and Diesel: 1st in Jumping (x 2) and Triple A
Annie and Kipling: 1st in Agility and Steeplechase
Ellie and Mack: 1st in Clockwork Tunnels
Anne and Mutley: 1st in Helter Skelter

Gavin and William: 1st in Agility, Helter Skelter, Steeplechase and Clockwork Tunnels
Demi and Pip: 1st in Triple A and Jumping
Anne and Bailey: 1st in Agility
Keith and Kiera: 1st in Jumping

Mel and JhoJho: 1st in Jumping and Clockwork Tunnels,
Mel and Jazz: 1st in Helter Skelter
Phil and Rebus: 1st in Steeplechase

Demi and JhoJho: 1st in Agility, Jumping, Helter Skelter and Clockwork Tunnels
Demi and Pip: 1st in Triple A and Steeplechase

Janice and Badger: 1st in Triple A, Agility and Clockwork Tunnels
Janice and Kestrel: 1st in Helter Skelter and Steeplechase
Keith and Milly: 1st in Jumping

Ellie and Lola: 1st in Helter Skelter, Jumping and Steeplechase
Linn and Kit: 1st in Jumping
Demi and Bella: 1st in Agility

Clear rounds were also achieved by: Ann and Meg; Anne and Mutley, Kobi and Bailey; Annie and Kipling; Annette and Dillon and Milly; Demi and Pip; Janice and Badger and Diesel; Karen and Rosie, Keith and Keira and Milly; Linn and Kit; Mel and JhoJho; Melanie and Georgie; Pauline and Ben; Phil and Rebus; Sonia and Hollie, and Yasmin and Charlie

Well done everyone!

Letchworth DTC KC Show, 2-4 September: Huntingdon Racecourse

Congratulations to Annette and Dillon who achieved their first G5 (Agility) win: on the road to G6!    Gavin and William got a 4th place in the C1-7 Jumping.  Clear rounds were gained by Sonia and Hollie (four clears), Keith and Keira (two) and Keith and Milly (one).  Well done everyone!

KC Dogs in Need Agility Show, Ipswich: 16-21 August 2016

In the KC Championship agility course Mel and Jazz achieved a 4th.  Demi and Pip had two successes in agility courses coming 2nd in the YKC class and also winning 6th place at G6.   Janice and Diesel achieved four clear rounds out of five places overall, including a 15th place in their agility run and a 15th place in their jumping run on Friday which put the pair into the Finals.  On the Sunday Janice and Diesel got a 15th in jumping and an 11th in Agility G4.  Well done AA members!


Kennel Club International Agility Festival, 11-14 August 2016: Rockingham Castle, Market Harborough

Demi and Pip had a fantastic time at KCI, coming 3rd in the International Young Handler jumping qualifier and achieving the only clear round in the agility qualifier: the combined total of her two clears got her into the Finals where she went clear again, and came away with 6th place overall - an awesome achievement for AA’s youngest handler.   The next day the pair won the Young Kennel Club jumping qualifier which means they will be competing in two finals at Crufts next year for the third year in a row: well done Demi and Pip!

Mel and Jazz did a clear Championship qualifying Jumping in a time of 33.855, earning them a respectable 6th place: they also achieved an 8th place in the medium British Open Jumping class.

Phil and Rebus (representing AA’s north American branch) won their G6 Jumping class in a time of 30.070, having already got a 4th in G6 Jumping the previous day.


Janice and Diesel, and Phil and Rebus also got clear unplaced rounds.


Great work everyone!


DRAT independent show, WHW Snetterton: 7 August 2016

Pauline and Ben won the Beginner’s Helter Skelter class with a confidently handled clear round: well done Pauline and Ben!  Ellie and Mack won their Helter-Skelter class too, and Ellie and Lola also won the Anysize jumping class.


T&A KC Show, WHW Snetterton: 31 July 2016

Demi and Pip won their G5-7 Agility class at in a time of 41.994 taking the pair halfway to G7 (only two more wins to go!), great work Demi!   Mel and Jazz won the Medium C4-7 Helter Skelter in a speedy 22.450 seconds.  Keith and Kiera came 2nd in their Agility class at G6 and in the Anysize jumping class, Debbie and Jack were placed 3rd.   Two places were gained by Janice and Diesel; a 3rd in the G3-4 Jumping and a 4th in the C4-7 Helter Skelter.   Clear, unplaced rounds were achieved by Demi and Pip and Keith with both Kiera and Milly.  Congratulations everyone!



T&A Independent show, WHW Snetterton: 30 July 2016


AA members Peter and Annie each had several wins at the T&A independent show.  Peter and Bess won their AAA and Helter-Skelter classes (and Milly mastered her contacts!) and Annie and Kipling won their Jumping and AAA classes: well done!!


Derbyshire DAC Show: 29-31 July 2016

Congratulations to Lynne and Tahoe who won their G4-5 Jumping class and also achieved a 4th place in Agility G4-5 and a 7th place in the ABC Agility Stakes C1-5: well done!


Dog Vegas ‘Finals’, Matlock: 22-26 July 2016

Janice and Diesel did an incredible run to win a 4th place at the Dog Vegas Finals (Large C1-3) in a time of 36.359.  You can watch the run here. There are ten heats throughout the year at which handlers compete for a place in the Finals so just getting through to the Finals (let alone getting in the top placings!) is a huge achievement.  As well as the Finals 4th place, Janice and Diesel also achieved a 2nd place in the Large G1-4 jumping, two 3rds in C1-4 agility (with deliberately held places) and three clear rounds (one in agility and two in jumping).   Massive congratulations Janice and Diesel-Dog!

demi fr

AA Independent Show, Larling: 16-17 July 2016


The AA show at Larling was a show of Firsts: first show for some club members’ dogs (Mel’s GT, Ben’s Reno and Allie’s Zack) and first experience of judging courses for some AA members.
Colleen, Debbie, Connie, Sally and Heidi all judged courses throughout the day.  Our judges’ courses flowed really well with a good range of straightforward courses for those classes which stayed the same for all levels, and some interesting and challenging courses appropriate to differing levels of experience.  Thank you AA judges (and AA members who set courses but didn’t judge them) and, of course, also to our non-AA judges, Christina Williams and Ann Creasy.
GT started as he means to go on by winning three of his Anysize classes: Helter skelter, steeplechase and tunnel vision. Well done GT for listening and ignoring all those ringside distractions and congratulations Mel: look out G3 handlers
Demi won the club prize for most points gained during the 16-17 July show and took home the highest achieving member trophy for the second time: well done Demi!

The 16-17 July show was the last event in which points could be gained towards the league tables.  The top five handlers and dogs with most points in each category (Juniors, Veteran, Anysize, Elementary Small, Medium and Large, Starters, Novice and Advanced) have just been invited to the AA Finals on 29 August.



Results from AA Independent Show, Larling: 16 and 17 July 2016

The following AA members were placed, or achieved clear rounds, during the very sunny show at Larling; well done everybody.  Winners had the choice of a trophy or a dog-themed charm, and competitors with clear rounds the option of a clear round rosette or individual charm.

Photos of both days are now available to view


 Demi and Pip Novice Jumping 2nd, Junior Agility 1st, Junior Jumping 1st (Sat AND Sun!), Junior Helter Skelter 1st


Mel and Jazz Advanced AAA 1st, Agilty 1st, Steeple Chase 1st

Sonia and Holly Elementary Agility 1st, Helter Skelter 3rd, Steeple Chase 2nd

Janice and Badger Veteran Agility 1st, Jumping 1st, Steeple Chase 1st

Janice and Diesel Starters Agility 1st, Steeple Chase 1st, Tunnel Vision 1st

Mel and GT Anysize Helter Skelter 1st, Tunnel Vision 1st, Steeple Chase 1st


Anne and Bailey Novice Agility 2nd, Jumping 1st

Demi and JhoJho Junior Tunnel Vision 1st, Junior Steeple Chase 1st


Ellie and Mack Starters AAA 1st

Annie and Kipling Starters Helter Skelter 1st

Mel and JhoJho Advanced Jumping 1st

Connie and Jack Veteran Agility 1st

Debbie and Jack Veteran AAA 1st

Janice and Kestrel Veteran Helter Skelter 1st

Vicky and Echo Anysize Agility 1st

Gavin and William Novice Tunnel Vision 1st

Ellie and Lilly Junior Agility 1st

Ellie and Sasha Anysize Agility 1st

Linn and Kit Anysize Jumping 2nd

Alex and Izzy Anysize Steeple Chase 2nd


Clear rounds


 Keith and Keira AAA, Helter Skelter, Jumping, Agility, Steeple Chase, Tunnel Vision x6


Demi and Pip AAA (x 2 Novice and Junior), Steeple Chase, Tunnel Vision x4

 Anne and Bailey AAA, Helter Skelter, Jumping, Steeple Chase x4


Deborah and Daisy AAA, Helter Skelter, Agility x3

Anne and Mutley AAA, Helter Skelter, Jumping x3

Mel and Georgie Agility, Jumping, AAA x 3


Anne and Kobi Agility, Steeple Chase x2

Sonia and Hollie AAA, Jumping x2

Pauline and Ben AAA, Jumping x2

Annette and Dillon Helter Skelter, Tunnel Vision x2

Keith and Milly AAA, Jumping x 2

Yasmine and Charlie Agility, Jumping x2

Phil and Rebus Steeple Chase, Tunnel Vision x2


Peter and Bess AAA

Annie and Kipling AAA

Mel and JhoJho AAA

Annette and Milly Agility

Mel and GT AAA

Janice and Badger AAA

Debbie and Jack Helter Skelter

Ellie and Lola Jumping

Ellie and Lilly Jumping




FAITH Qualifier at Larling, 16 July 2016

The first heat of the FAITH qualifier was held on Saturday: this event raises money for FAITH animal charity at Hickling.   The course was fast and furious and of the dogs and handlers which entered six will compete, together with a further 12 dogs from the next 2 heats to be held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of August for the FAITH challenge cup at the AA Finals on Bank holiday Monday.  Competitors from the first heat were (from 1st place to 6th):


Mel and Jazz (16.269)

Toni HJ and Dart (17.701)

Phil and Rebus (17.756)

Pauline and Toffee (18.018)

Ellie and Lola (18.230)

Gavin and William (18.421)

Visit Faith Facebook Page

Visit Faith Website




d t

Dog Vegas, Thetford: 25 June - 3 July 2016

Mel and Jazz had six wins at medium G7 in some cases beating the next placed competitor by over six seconds – three wins were in G5-7 agility classes at G7, two were in C5-7 jumping, and the other was in a graded jumping class at G7.  JhoJho was placed 4th in a large G7 jumping class and was just out of the placings in her jumping class, coming 5th.

In addition to her achievements with Jazz and Jho Jho, Mel also won a small G5-7 agility class with Pip (beating second place by a huge margin) and also gained 2nd places in G5-7 agility and G5-7 jumping classes.

Demi also had success with Pip: the pair came 2nd in a jumping class and also gained two 3rd places in two small G5-7 jumping classes (at G6).

As if running three dogs wasn’t challenging enough, Mel also went on to win a G5-7 jumping class (at G6) with Wild Willie and they came 2nd in a medium C5-7 agility class.


Gavin and William were placed 2nd in a G5-7 jumping class and also got an unplaced 4th in a medium G5-7 agility.

Sonia and Holly won a medium G5-7 agility class (at G5) with time faults, came 2nd in a G5-7 agility class, and also achieved a 3rd in a graded agility class.

Janice and Diesel achieved two 3rds in large G1-4 jumping classes and were just out of the places in four other classes.

Ellie and Mack won a large C1-4 jumping class taking them to G4 and also achieved a 3rd in G1-4 agility, two 5ths (G1-5 agility and G1-4 jumping) and, in the last run of the show, a 7th in C1-4 agility.

In addition to winning the three medium G1-4 jumping classes that took them to G4, Peter and Bess also achieved a 2nd place in a G1-4 agility class.

Lynn and Tahoe scooped the award for ‘most second places in one show’, achieving five overall (three in G1-4 agility and two in G1-4 jumping classes).  They also won a G1-4 jumping class, got a 3rd in a G1-4 agility class, a 5th in a C1-4 agility course, and were just out of the placing in a few other classes.


Connie and Pippi came 2nd in the Dog Vegas Money G1-4 agility class

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Winning out at Dog Vegas: Thetford, 25 June-3 July

Two Agility Ability members won out at Dog Vegas, both moving up to Grade 4.  Peter and Bess won out at their first Grade 3 show with three jumping wins in G1-4 classes in times of 27.042, 30.091 and 36.924.  Bess trounced the competition, beating the next fastest dog by ten seconds in one class and by eight seconds in another, and also achieved a 2nd place in her G1-4 agility class.  Ellie and Mack got their third G3 jumping win in the first class of the first day and Mack especially enjoyed the Nerf sponsored First Prize ‘trophies’.  Well done Peter and Bess and Ellie and Mack!



Godmanchester DTC Show, 10 June 2016

Ellie and Mack had an exciting time at Godmanchester DTC KC show at Ramsey on Saturday 10 June: they won their G3 jumping class, were placed third in their C1-3 agility class, and fourth in their G3 agility.  Well done Ellie and Macaroon Mayhem!

Bank Holiday success

AA members were out and about having fun and picking up places in Nottingham and Matlock over the bank holiday weekend.  At Nottingham Agility DTC Championship Agility Show, Demi was chuffed to get two clear rounds with Pip in her first ever G6 competition and Janice and Diesel were just out of the placings.  Mel and Jazz narrowly missed winning their C6-7 agility, being placed Second, and they got 5f in the Champ agility on a tough course and E’d in the Champ jumping round.  Jho Jho was on top form and there was no catching her - fantastic distance control was the order of the day!

At Dog Vegas in Matlock, Annette and Dillion won out and won five of their nine classes, scooping three Firsts in G4-5 jumping, one First in G4-5 agility, and a First in C4-5 jumping.  Keith and Keira got a Second in their G6-7 jumping class and Milly went clear in two of her Allsorts jumping classes: a great weekend for Team Lown.  Gavin and William achieved some clear rounds and a Fourth in their C6-7 jumping.  As well as running William, Gavin also ran Holly and the pair had huge success winning out into G5 - well done Holly!  Lynne and Tahoe won out into G4 in their first G3 competition and also got two Seconds (G1-3 jumping and C1-3 agility), two Thirds (C1-3 jumping and G1-3 jumping) and a Fifth (G1-3 agility) - this pair are on a roll!

a b c

Team AA (North Division) success at Dog Vegas, Matlock

Well done to all AA members who won out at Dog Vegas in Matlock, 27-30 May 2016.  Gavin and Holly, and Annette and Dillion, went to G5 and - in their very first G3 run ever - Lynne and Tahoe went to G4.  Congratulations to everyone!


bess da

More AA Members Win Out!

Three AA members won out at AA’s 3 day KC show, 30 April-2 May; Demi and Pip won into G6, Peter Forman and Bess won into G3, and Lynne and Tahoe (at their first G2 show!) also won into G3 - huge congratulations!

Demi won out on Saturday by winning her small G4-7 agility class in a time of 37.280.  Demi and Pip also won Saturday's Under 12 Junior Agility class (35.205) and beat herself (and Pukka) into 2nd place (41.967)!  They won the same class again on Sunday (43.896) AND Monday (33.273) when the pair also got two 3rd places in the G4-7 agility (37.005) and the G4-7 jumping (46.805).  We think Demi may be the youngest person to have achieved G6 with a dog trained by the handler, rather than by taking on an experienced dog - well done Demi!

Peter and his Floozy Bess won out on jumping wins accumulated over the weekend.  On Sat they won the small G1-3 jumping (26.248).  Sunday saw them winning the small jumping G1-3 (27.234) and the small C1-3 Helter Skelter (22.172) - and also getting a touch of sunburn.  On Monday Peter and Bess won their two small G1-3 jumping classes in super-fast times of 23.874 and 23.682.

In their first show running at G2, Lynne and Tahoe won out into G3, starting with two jumping wins on Saturday (G1-2, 28.648 and C1-2, 28.593) then winning out on an agility win Sunday morning (large G1-2, 30.880).  Lynne and Tahoe also won the large G1-2 jumping on Sunday (29.797) and the large jumping C1-2 on Monday (23.635).

Well done Demi, Peter and Lynne - you’ve all won out in style!

KC May Bank Holiday Show 2016 - Euston Park

In addition to Demi, Peter and Lynne who won out at this show, the following members were placed from clear rounds during the 3 day show:

Mel and JhoJho - Sat: large jumping C5-7, 6th (37.771), Sun: large jumping G6-7, 3rd (34.751), Sun: large Helter-Skelter C4-7, 5th (20.500), Mon: large jumping C5-7, 1st (32.078)

Mel and Jazz - Sun: medium agility G4-7, 1st (33.242), Sun: medium jumping G4-7, 1st (31.021), Sun: medium Helter-Skelter C4-7, 1st (21.994) - 3 out of 3 classes won on Sunday!

Mel running Janice’s Diesel - Sun: large agility G4-5, 2nd (38.516), Mon: large jumping C3-4, 6th (31.129)

Gavin and William - Sat: medium agility G4-7, 1st (39.897), Mon: medium agility G4-7, 1st (31.953)

Ellie and Mack - Sat: large jumping G3, 1st (26.541)

Annette and Dillon - Sat: medium jumping G4-7, 2nd (29.724)

Keith and Kiera - Mon: medium jumping G4-7, 3rd (41.964)

Anne and Kobi - Mon: small jumping G4-7, 3rd (52.880 5f)

Annie and Kipling - Sun: small Helter-Skelter C4-7, 4th (30.366)

Janice and Diesel - Sat: large jumping C3-4, 5th (32.834)

Colleen running Sue Izod’s dog, Jack - Sun: large agility G3, 1st (35.123) - now G4, Mon: large agility G3, 5th (31.326)

Well done to everyone!


Championship success!

Well done to Mel and Jazz who came 2nd in their Championship Jumping round at Wye Valley show on 2 April.  Despite the slippery conditions, Jazz did a fantastic run, including an incredible weave entry at distance and finished in 32.292 seconds, only 0.257 seconds behind the winner.


NDTS Easter Show 26 & 27 March

In addition to the AA members who won out at the NDTS Show, other AA members also took home trophies and rosettes.  Mel and Jazz won their Medium Agility class on Saturday and three out of their four classes on Sunday!  Jazz hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down having had her pups: she won one Agility class by a huge margin of seven seconds and had the fastest Steeplechase time of all heights.   Places were also awarded to Mel and Jho Jho (2nd in C6-7 Jumping), Mel who was running Diesel for Janice (2nd in G4-5 Jumping and 9th in C3-5 Agility), Debbie and Jack (5th in Anysize Jumping) and Ellie and Lola (7th in Anysize Jumping).  (Updated 28.3.16)



AA Members Win Out

Three AA members, Deborah Fish, Lynne Gressler and Annie Jarrett, won out at the NDTS Easter Show on 26 & 27 March 2016.   Lynne and Tahoe won out with their third jumping win in a time of 24.70 seconds – four seconds faster than the second placed competitor: they also picked up two 2nd places in Large Agility classes and a 7th in their C1-3 Helter Skelter.   Deborah and Daisy won their G1-7 Medium Agility class and also got a 2nd in their jumping class.   Both Deborah and Lynne go into G2.  Annie’s little dog Kipling won his Small Agility class which takes him into G5: intensive training to help him overcome his fear of the see-saw clearly paid off!  Well done everyone and enjoy competing at your new grades at the AA May show.



YKC Qualifier

Demi and Pip are off to Crufts again!  Agility Ability’s youngest (and smallest) members once again qualified for YKC Under 12 for Crufts 2017 by winning their heat at the Wyre Championship Show at Preston.  Well done Demi and Pip!

Huge congratulations to all club members who won out in 2015 into the following grades:

Nik and Denver - G6

Colleen and Whizz - G6

Gavin and William - G6

Keith and Keira - G6

Demi and Pip - G5

Annette and Dillon - G4

Annie and Kipling - G4

Connie and Pippi - G3

Ellie and Mack - G3

Peter and Bess - G2

After numerous times being ‘pipped at the post’ Donna and Meggy, and Janice and Diesel, both start the year at G4 having gone up on points.



Demi does it again!

Big congratulations to Agility Ability’s youngest member, Demi Wright, and her Papillion cross, Demanie’s Bubble and Squeak: the pair won points throughout the year to qualify for the ABC Finals which will be held at Crufts on 12 March.  Only the highest achieving dogs are invited and the Finals is for YKC handlers aged under 24 so Demi and Pip have beaten stiff competition (with longer legs!) to secure their place.   Demi and Pip have had a very successful start to their agility career, rising from Grade 1 to 5 since Summer 2013.




Less Mayhem than usual

Congratulations to Ellie Phillips and her lurcher, Macaroon Mayhem.  Mack and Ellie had a fabulous early Christmas present by winning into Grade 3 at the T&A KC show at WHW Snetterton on 20 December.   Mack was adopted from the Dogs Trust at Snetterton so was on home ground for his win.




Floozie Bess KC Success

Congratulations to Peter Forman and his Cockerpoo, Floozie Bess, who won into Grade 2 at their very first KC show.

Peter and Bess won out with an impressive time of 31.027 seconds at the Agility Ability November show at Easton.

Peter adopted Bess when she was 21 months old, just over a year ago so it’s early days for this great partnership.

  Well done Peter and Bess!


Congratulations to "Team Lown" at the dog Vegas show!

Keith and Kiera won two agility classes so are now grade 6 and Annette and Milly also won a grade 5 agility.

Congratulations to you all.


Congratulations to Melanie and Jazz for qualifying for the medium combined grade 6+7 Finals at JDAand then going on to win it!

Congratulations to you both.


Congratulations to the following members and their achievements over the Easter weekend:

Colleen and Whizz for winning into Grade 6.

Demi and Pip for winning into Grade 5.

Melanie and Jho Jho for winning the Combined 6&7 Jumping.

Gavin and William for winning the Grade 5 Agility.

Melanie and Jazz for winning Combined 4-7 Helter Skelter, combined 6&7 Jumping, Combined 6&7 Agility and the combined 4-7 Steeplechase!

Congratulations also to “Trio Team AA” Gavin and William, Keith and Kiera, Melanie and Jazz for qualifying for the trio Finals.

Our youngest member Demi makes her first TV appearance on The Mustard Show, see the interview her:

(link opens in new page)


Congratulations to all our members on their achievements last year, especially those that moved up grades.

To name a few;

Anne Cathersides and Bailey now grade 3

Anne Cathersides and Kobi now grade 4

Gavin Pallant and William now grade 5

Ellie Phillips and Mack now grade 2

Annette Lown and Milly now grade 5

Demi Wright and Pip now grade 4

Wishing all my members a successful and fun 2015.

Melanie xx





Agility Ability's youngest member,Demi Wright, featured in Edp 24. To view the article click Here



mel and jho jho


Congratulations to Melanie and FAITH rescue dog Jho Jho aka Demanies final destination for winning the combined 6/7 agility at the Norfolk Easter show. The last agility win needed to move up to grade 7. Mega congratulations, good luck in championship classes!  25/04/2014



Congratulations to our latest recruits Donna and meg for winning grade 1 agility at the Norfolk Easter show, enjoy grade 2......we know you won't be there long!



demiDay two at the Norfolk Easter show for our youngest member Demi and her heathlands rescue dog pip.  Their winning streak continues, coming home with another win, this time in grade one jumping and a 2nd place in the grade one agility. Well done Demi and pip, they were all great runs.







Congratulations to Keith and Kiera on their grade 4 agility win at the Norfolk Easter show this weekend.




Congratulations to our youngest member Demi and her heathlands rescue dog pip who won into grade 2 in style at the Norfolk agility show. Winning the starters agility challenge combined 1 & 2 by 12 seconds. What a great team you are!




Congratulations to Demi wright and pip squeak for winning grade 1 jumping at the Letchworth show September more win to go!





Redgates KC Show, Great Canfield: 6 & 7 August 2016


Debbie and her dogs Ice and Jack achieved some great results at the Redgates KC show this weekend.   Ice is back on form and came 5th in G3 jumping and Jack achieved a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th in Anysize classes of around 70 dogs.  Well done Debbie, Ice and Jack (and well done, Pippi, too, for completing courses and staying in the ring with Connie: training is paying off)!